Yesterday I spent the day with Sarah, a former exchange student! The last time I saw her was around 3 years ago, so we were super pumped to catch up. She had a big day planned for us. First, we met at the metro near my apartment and walked to grab brunch at this wonderful placed called “Au Fond du Bar”. You can check it out It was SO GOOD. The restaurant got really crowded after we sat down. Who knew brunch was so big here?

Next we walked around my neighborhood and looked at the Sacre-Coeur, Monmartre, and all the tourists. Lots of walking up and down stairs! But the height meant beautiful views of the city. I could see the Eiffel Tower, Le Centre Pompidou, and other landmarks. We also walked down to Moulin Rouge (don’t take your parents or young kids to this street! Racy storefronts FYI)

We took the metro to Montparnasse and met up with another exchange student, Julian. But Sarah and I call him “chou-chou.” Literally means little cauliflower but it’s a term of endearment here. We played pool at Indiana Café. Next Sarah wanted me to meet her Jewish friends (haha.. and she the two of us to spend Passover with them!) We met at a Starbucks and talked for a bit before I took the metro back to my house for dinner with my host fam.


-there are lots of dogs in Paris!

– At lots of the restaurants the tables are placed ridiculously close. Also everything (chairs, doors, stairways, fridges) is smaller here.

-I am not used to doing “la bise” (greeting kisses on both cheeks) with anyone but my grandmother!

-My first purchase in euros was a hair dryer (sèche-cheveux). Bonus points: I didn’t blow anything up when using it with the European outlets this morning.

-I accidentally called the compote my host mom offered me for dessert “le composte” which is composte (old food).

-I had some interested conversations with my host mom and dad at dinner, I’ll have to write about them later! I feel very sophisticated having wine with dinner each night… We had chardonnay, a red that I forget, and last night a pinot d’aunis (a very light pinot)



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