A crêpe a day keeps the doc away?

Juuust kidding. Don’t worry mom, I have been eating more than crepes! But I could eat a crepe for every meal if I really wanted to because there are crepe vendors on LITERALLY every street corner. Yum. The French know what’s up.

I began my intensive 3-week grammar bootcamp class this week. For three hours each day I review verbs, pronouns, vocab… write mini compositions… listen to the equivalent of French NPR (they talk sooooo fast! and there are too many political parties to keep track of! The presidential election is coming up so I hear a lot about Sarkozy and co.)

Lucky for me, I don’t have any other classes yet so I’ve been able to get out and explore! Here’s a picture of some of my friends checking out a metro map at night.

Walking around in Paris this month is especially crazy because of the biannual sales. For six weeks in January, basically EVERY store has massive sales (we’re talking like 60% off of fancy coats and handbags!) “Les soldes” (the sales) started just after I got here and will be going on until mid-February. Parisian women (and men) flock to the stores and pack the subway with giant bags filled with merchandise. I haven’t bought anything super exciting yet, but I’ll keep all you loyal blog followers posted! I did buy a cute patchwork bag at a flea market but the stupid cheap thing is already falling apart because I put too much heavy stuff in it… 😦 Learned my lesson! Anyway, here’s a pic of my friend Cara posing in the metro in front of one of the “SOLDES” advertisements. 

I had an adventure on Thursday when I failed miserably at finding a Philosophy class at one of the Paris universities. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to take this class because it conflicts with another class I’ll be taking, I decided to go to the first class and get a taste for what university classes are like. Took the metro, successfully found the building. It was swarming with young Frenchies!! All wearing skinny jeans, fashionable boots, smoking outside, and gossiping in French! I got all the way up to the 14th floor with time to spare. Opened the door to what I thought was my class… only to have like 40 people plus the professor turn around and look at me!! “Pardon!” I said- before quickly shutting the door!! Whoops…

I was sulking and texting a friend in the courtyard when a journalist from “Le Monde” approached me and tried to sell me a special student subscription. I have no idea why he was trying to convince a foreign student to subscribe, but I was proud of myself for understanding what he was saying about how reading newspapers is important and stuff about freedom of speech etc. He didn’t even care that I had no interest in buying it, he just wanted to tell me his philosophy on newspapers. For like 15 minutes. haha a funny random encounter…



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