Paris Pros/Cons


Pro: Even the rain is dainty here! Just soft grey mist. No huge rainstorms or whipping winds for the most part. And no mounds of snow preventing me from walking to class.

Con: SO MUCH RAIN/mist. AND CLOUDY DAYS. On days when I forget my parapluie (umbrella). Of course. Plus humidity hates people with curly hair. I miss the sun! Gotta get that vitamin D. Plus, bad lighting means bad pictures!


Pro: People really take time to enjoy their meals and savor their food. And the food is certainly worth savoring… so delish. Even getting a coffee with a friend is a long, drawn-out event. I also really like eating dinner on the later side. My host family usually eats around 8:30ish.

Con: I am going through serious peanut butter withdrawls. It’s so weird that it is such an American staple but I cannot find it anywhere here! No shelf space for American comfort foods, I guess. Nutella just doesn’t cut it when I crave some salty PB to go with an apple or some celery!


Pro: There are lots of fun/nice/interesting American students on my program- and it’s nice to be in the same boat as far as being confused and out of place in a foreign country. And all the French people I have approached when I’ve been lost have been very helpful. (I had to ask 4 separate people how to find this French university building… oy… horrible sense of direction)

Con: It’s hard to befried French people! I haven’t really made a huge effort yet, but it’s definitely not like a nice lil liberal arts college where everyone knows each other (duh, Alex). And it is especially difficult because the Americans tend to clump together, making us less open to talking to French people. However, my host family is BOMB.COM- very accomodating, generous, interesting, helpful. I’m enjoying getting to know them! Also, I already have a great French friend with whom I did a high school exchange with- and I’ve enjoying hanging out with her!

Hi Mom! Look at me being all cultured ‘n stuff! (At L’Orangerie, a museum located opposite the Louvre near the Tuileries Garden. It has some of Monet’s waterlilies- so beautiful- but unfortunately you can’t take pics in that room. It’s an oval space where the waterlilies encirle you in their awesomeness/beauty…!) The second pic is (really far) in front of the Louvre, famous home of the Mona Lisa, and TONS of other Italian/French/other works of art)



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