Le Louvre

Last Friday I spent a few hours wandering around the Louvre with a girl in my program who is an art history major. Seriously the best way to tour a museum- she knew so much more than a dinky little guide! I was treated to detailed explanations of myths, artistic movements, techniques and style, and more. Pretty cool!

Some facts on THE most visited museum in the world:

-One of the world’s largest museums, it is located in the 1st arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine.

-The museum is in the Louvre Palace- built in the 12th century. Louis XIV chose to live at Versailles instead of the Louvre Palace, and the place was mainly used to show of art/sculptures. It wasn’t until the French Revolution that the Louvre became a museum. I loved walking through the ornate hallways and gazing at the intricate stonework that was on each wall… so crazy.

– There’s SO MUCH. Egyptian antiques, Islamic art, sculptures, paintings, bronze, glass… It would literally take a year to list everything that is displayed. 380,000 objects, accoring to Wikipedia.

-But of course, the most popular painting in the place is “La Joconde” (Mona Lisa) by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s very small and there were tons of tourists crowded around the supposedly bulletproof glass that protects it.

As a student, I get free access to the museum… wahoooo! Needless to say, I’ll be back for more at some point!




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