Cathedral and Champagne at Reims

Important note: Reims is not pronounced like “reems”. The correct way sounds like “rinse” with a French accent or “rrrrance”- basically France with the F cut off.

Last Saturday my program chartered a bus for all 50-60 of us to visit Reims, a major city during the Roman empire that is northwest of Paris. We tourned the Roman Catholic cathedral of Reims, where kings of France were once crowned. Beautiful stained glass and gothic architecture. Check out the “rose window” in my first picture. Only downside to the day was that it was super chilly and windy both inside and outside the cathedral.

Got a spinach and pine nut quiche at this cute tea room in town… NOM NOM. Then hopped on the bus again to visit Pommery Champagne. The group toured these creepy caves where millions of bottles of champagne used to be stored. There were names of major European cities in each cavern where the bottles would be stored at cool temperatures. Oddly enough, now they show off all of this crazy contemporary art down there. Flashing lights, sculptures, and one dark cave where a sound clip of a dog growling played!

Best part of the day was most definitely the tasting.. here’s me and Danica saying “tchink!” (French version of cheers). French urban myth is that you have to make eye contact when you “tchink”(or take the first sip? I’m forgetting) otherwise you will have bad sex for seven (or some number) of years….!


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