Saturday (28 janvier) adventures à Poissey

Me and my new house. Haven’t you always wanted to live in a modern French villa?!

Last Saturday I ventured outside of Paris with the RER train (ehhr-uhh-ehhr pronounciation!) with a few friends (Anna and Matt) to see  this modernist villa in the town of Poissey. Swiss architects built “Villa Savoye” around 1930. It’s a manifesto of Le Corbustier’s 5 points of architecture… it represents the basis of modern architecture.. hm! Apparently it’s a BIG DEAL- both of my friends had studied it in college courses at Columbia and Grinnell. I learned that the stilts, the roof garden, the free floor plan, the horizontal windows, and the weird indoor ramp were all important architectural decisions that were way ahead of modern architecture. The tour guide was very, very French and kept saying “en bref.” I liked the huge windows that gave great views of the trees surrounding the house- made me a little homesick for woodsy towns!

We also stumbled on this beautiful church in Poissey… jeesh only in France!

Saturday night I went to the suburbs again to hang with French friend Sarah and her two other friends, Lauren and Tyron. It was nice to be in a house house instead of an apartment. Plus, the family had a ton of animals! Loooove… two dogs, a cat, and two birds. One of the birds was a talking parrot (in FRENCH!) It kept repeating its name, which is cacahuète (peanuts… AHH PEANUT BUTTER. Tu me manques.). Pretty entertaining.



4 thoughts on “Saturday (28 janvier) adventures à Poissey

  1. Alex,
    About a million years ago when I was in college I hitchhiked around France with a friend. (No, don’t even think about it!) We were picked up by an older French gentleman who took us to the little town of Ronchamp to see a church called Notre Dame du Haut designed by Le Corbusier. It was really beautiful. The he took us for croissants at a great bakery. I highly recommend an outing there.

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