Les dégustations bizarres

So much for being a vegetarian, eh? Pictured above is jambon ibérique, a special type of smoked ham that is from Spain. I walked into the kitchen to make a piece of toast and was startled to find this bad boy just sitting casually on the counter.

According to my host mom, this is a ‘vraie luxe’, quite a luxury. The pigs are fed only acorns (glands en francias)! It’s eaten in very thin slices- I was a little wary to try but it’s actually very tasty with a sophisticated smoked flavor.

I also tried boudin noir for the first time. It’s a black sausage that is apparently made out of pigs’ blood… bleh! But I liked it. It has a funny texture (almost like spreadable paté in sausage casing) and is not like a typical sausage.

Other noteworthy adventures in cuisine: I had THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE OF MY LIFE on Monday at Angelina on rue Rivoli. A few friends and I sat down in the posh tea room, surrounded by mirrors and plush seats. A waiter gave us two carafs of hot cocoa and a cup of chantilly (such a great French word, whipped cream!) The hot cocoa was unreal, so rich and sumptuous! Like drinking chocolate- what could be better.

Also, curry chicken sandwich in a baguette? Yum.




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