Paparazzi (or Tourist) Alert!

Taking pictures in below freezing temperatures. Brrrrr! It’s been extremely cold in Paris lately et je ne suis pas heureuse. My noes does not appreciate losing sensation the second I step out of a building. No wind, no snow, just cold.

Friday afternoon I  participated in a photography workshop. Five Columbia program students gathered in this cute studio near the Bastille and learned about composition, aperture, and other camera functions from a knowedgeable and adorable older man who is a professional photographer. He took us out on the strrets of Paris to shoot and it was FREEEEZING. Toes and fingers were not happy.

He also took some pictures of the group… like this one in a courtyard near the Place de Vosges. Hardcore cheesin’. Think we are cute enough to be in a Columbia brochure?

This is the pic I took that I’m entering into Columbia’s ‘contest’ for the workshop. It’s not my fave shot ever, but still cool! Hopefully I can remember all the composition tips he gave us.

Explored the Bastille area at night. Bars called Sanz Sans and “The Hideout.” Great area with tons of bars/lounges and young people milling around the streets and sidewalks to “prend un cigarette”. Brrr! Je ne comprends pas comment les mecs et les meufs peuvent etre dehors! (I don’t understand how guys and girls can be outside)



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