Thursday: Macaroon workshop

Macaroon demonstration

It wasn’t love at first bite for me and macaroons. I must confess, I am a chocolate girl at heart and delicate flakey macaroons in crazy flavors wasn’t exactly my jam. Nevertheless, I was SUPER PUMPED to participate in a macaroon workshop at “L’École de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris.” Instead of going to high school (le lycée), some students opt to take classes at this special school. SO COOL. We got to peek into the bakeries and see the students rolling out baguettes and taking some artisanal loaves out of an oven. Special treat: our guide/chef broke open a multigrain loaf and gave everyone a taste. mmmm!

Making the macaroons was relatively simple. Ingredients include egg whites, sugar, almond flour. The trick is to whip the egg whites just enough so that the consistency allows the macaroons to have little domes when baked. Once the batter is whipped, we piped it onto a baking sheet with a pastry bag. Popped those babies into the oven, and 10-15 mins later they came out looking beautiful. Afterward, we used white chocolate ganache filling to make the little macaroon sandwiches.


After learning how macaroons are made and trying my hand at it, I definitely appreciate them more. Taking a bite is like sinking your teeth into a delicious fluffy cloud filled with sugary goodness. The sweet sugar hits first, and then the subtle flavor (I’ve tried chocolate, cafe, caramel, and other fruit flavors.) Plus, there’s a satisfying crackle as the shell of a fresh macaroon cookie breaks. Yum! Chocolate might still be my one true love, but I’ll definitely make room in my life for a macaroon affair or two. 😉



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