A rugby/brunch kind of weekend

Here’s the super impressive STADE FRANCE. Cara, Anna, and I spent a somewhat cloudy Saturday afternoon at the Paris v. Toulon rugby game. Even though we didn’t know all of the rules, we loved being part of the huuuge crowd cheering for Paris. Every time the home team scored, the crowd would go wild and wave these pink flags. Real men wear pink, right? There were three women sitting near us who were loudly cheering for the other team, and they were jokingly heckling these little boys in front of us- it was very entertaining.

There was a guy with a drum near the field who tapped out a typical sports cheer beat (dun dun dundundun, dun dun dun dun…) and then everyone would yell PAR-EE, except for the three women who yelled TOU-LON. At the end of the game, they said “À la prochaine!” to us, which means “See you next time!”

I hadn’t really bought into the whole “Paris is beautiful in the rain” idea until this past Saturday night. Went for a loong walk in the drizzle, around Place D’italie. The rain isn’t heavy enough to be annoying, but the moisture makes the city lights glow just a little bit more mysteriously, and the puddles on the streets reflect the old architecture with a fairytale-like shimmer. After traipsing around, our group sat at a cafe, ordered a boisson chaud, and watched the people of Paris meander along the boulevards. I tried my first vin chaud- mulled/warmed wine with a piece of orange, served in a glass mug. Not exactly my favorite, but perhaps it’s an acquired taste! You’re supposed to add sugar and cinnamon, so maybe I got that part wrong.

On Sunday I brunched it up with the best of them- Sarah and her friend Eliza. We met up in Monmartre. Here’s me and Sarah in front of a wall decorated with “I love you” in different languages. We spent the beautiful sunny day walking around the cobblestone streets, and then sitting and gorging ourselves at MILK (Mum in Her Little Kitchen), a cute hole-in-the-wall café.  OJ, fromange blanc, omlette-things, salad, tartines with jam and nutella, chocolat chaud, and dessert. YUM.

Brunch convo included a lesson in french slang/useful expressions. Some of my favorites (and ones that are blog-appropriate!)

glander- to chill out

bouffer- to eat (Or, you can say, “je peux manger un boef, j’ai trop faim”- “I could eat a cow, I’m so hungry”

se faire plaquer- to be dumped

chacun sa merde- whatever floats your boat



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