Hi-Five (weekly recap)

Looking like a BAMF as per usual

1. Monday: met up with Sarah and her boyfriend for a cup of coffee. He rides a scooter (I’M OBSESSED) and let me wear his helmet (la casque) around. I looked like a fool but I felt like a BAMF. Priorities.
2. Monday night: my program organized a wine tasting (un dégustation de vins). Honhonhooon (stereotypical French pretentious noise that nobody actually ever makes). Everyone arrived and sat down at this large and in charge wooden table in this cave-like room at the bottom of ÔCHATEAU. A young (and cute) employee named Guillaume led us through the tasting, right after two modelesque women dressed in black brought us these AMAZING places of sausages and cheese (Cantal, Comté, Sainte Maure de Touraine, Camembert de Normandie, Saint Félicien.) And duh, of course woven baskets heaping with fresh pain.

Anyway, the tasting began with champagne. Super light and bubbly and délicieux. Myth has it that the monk who first tasted champagne said “Come quick! I’m drinking stars!” Nice quote even if the monk did not actually invent the first sparkling wine. Next up: two white wines. One from the Loire and the other from Bourgogne. We learned out the evalute them based on look, smell, and taste. Proud to say I can swirl a wine glass like I mean it now. Next up: two reds. One from Bordeaux (world’s major wine industry capitol) and Rhône. Yum. All of the wines were quite expensive- not exactly in a student budget- aka all the more reason to savor the experience.

3. Tuesday: Celebrated a friend’s 21st birthday! A little bit anti-climatic because the drinking age here is 16 for beer, 18 for hard liquor. But a birthday is a birthday! We celebrated with class.

4. Wednesday: Another birthday! My Dutch friend from my philosophy class, who was turning 23, invited me to join her friends for an informal morning get together at a coffeeshop called Les Pères Populaires. She is an Erasmus student so she has a ton of international friends in her program. I met a German girl, an Italian guy, a guy from Belgium, a girl from Argentina, and another girl from Italy. We all spoke French to one another! Very cool experience. We sang happy birthday in French but then went around the table and each sang in our own languages. Ha.

5. Wednesday night- had that amazingly awesome dinner of cheese. Already wrote blog post about it HERE.

Stay tuned for an update on my excellent weekend adventure couchsurfing in Rouen!



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