A few of my favorite things: dessert and books

Sugarplum café in Paris

These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiings: cute cafés, coffee, black flats (see bottom right of pic), books, and quirky bookshops. Thursday afternoon my friend Becca took me to an “American-style” café named Sugarplum. The decor, somewhat hipster clientele, and tempting desserts reminded me of the café at my college back home. Sweet bakery smell, chalkboard menu, comfy couch you’ll sink into and never want to stand up. Dangerously great offer: bottomless drip-style coffee! A nice big mug you can cradle in your hands, not some dinky expresso mug!

I nommed on a caramel bar (straight up caramel candy on a cookie base, so good) while we paged through the bakery’s photos of decorative cakes they’ve created. Just like “Ace of Cakes” and all those cool cake shows.

That afternoon I also checked out “Shakespeare and Co.”, the English-language bookshop on the Left Bank. Apparently the store was a haven for literary American ex-pats like Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, the whole gang. You can almost feel those literary ghosts hanging around the wooden staircases! There are beds (somewhere, didn’t see them. I think above the shop) where upwards of 40,000 people have lodged throughout the years… woah. This location of the store opened in 1951 (the original location opened in 1919 but was shut down the the Nazis and never reopened). Fun fact: the previous owner first published James Joyce’s Ulysses!

The store itself is SO COOL. Overflowing bookshelves packed with titles. Fiction, poetry, philosophy, science, you name it.  Lots of little nooks and cranies where shoppers pause to read. Also lots of little trinkets like old typewriters and tiny notes left by visitors. Here’s a pic of the storefront:

Weekend update coming soon!



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