Putting the “study” in study abroad…

Kickin' it at le bibliothèque @ Centre Pompidou

Why the lag in blog posts? I’ve actually had a good amount of work these past few weeks. Yuck. I decided to finally set foot in a library last Saturday. (Yes, I had gone the whole semester without going to a library.)

To enter any Parisian library, you have to wait in a long line. WAIT IN LINE? I am an impatient Américaine. Waiting in line for an hour or more just to sit at a desk is simply not my style. If anyone figures out why the French do this, please let me know. Google search is failing me.

Nevertheless, I schleped my books and computer through the metro, arriving at the Centre Pompidou at 11 sharp, when the public library opens. Of course, there was already a line snaking around the building… but I was surprised to find it only took me 20 mins to get through the door.

I plopped myself down at an open seat and tried to channel some productive vibes. Too bad the French people around me were busy making out (French PDA, jeesh). All in all, there’s some pretty good people watching at the library.

Creepin' on studious French people

If library architecture is your jam, here’s a link from the NYT: http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/03/05/travel/05journeys.html?pagewanted=all

More posts coming soon! I have a lot to update on!



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