Pegs and Peter in PARIS

What’s better than living in Paris? Having two of my favorite people ever visit, that’s what! My parents came to spend seven days in the city. Wahoo! The only thing missing from our week together was, of course, my lil sister! We missed you, Jules!

I loved having my parents around and showing them some of my favorite spots.

Here’s a sparknotes version of my/our week:

-Going to a Jewish Deli for dinner with my parents, Sarah, and her mother and having the creepy and unattractive waiter tell me I was beautiful and shoud be a movie star… awkward… nice try, “Nice Jewish Boy.”

– Trying escargot for the first time.

– Walking to the Bastille only to realize that a manifestation was going on! There was a rally for the left-wing presidential hopeful, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Lots of red, lots of communism. The place was hoppin’.

-Attending a Vivaldi concert at Saint Chapelle church. The architecture inside and out was stunning, as was the music performed by a quartet. A very cool experience.

-Having a random French guy on the street tell my dad that he looked like he came from MIT. ?? Very odd.

-Walking along the Champ de Mars, the park near the Eiffel Tower.

-Going to a restaurant that incorporated chocolate into every dish. They pulled it off! I never imagined meat could possibly have a chocolate sauce, but I guess so! Best part of the meal was DESSERT- a chocolate soufflé shared with my friend Cara.

-Laughing at my mom’s facial expression when she saw the neighborhod where I live. (It is somewhat sketchy with lots of people hawking cigarettes and fake Louis Vuitton bags.) Don’t worry!! I will be a-ok.

-Climbing to the top of Monmartre and seeing Sacre-Coeur on a beautiful sunny day.

-Hearing a jazz concert at a hip and fun place that also had indian food (which I happened to be craving!)

-Turning in my first two papers of the semester. One was eight pages and the other one three… both all in French. Oy vey. Or should I say merde. Don’t excuse my French (hahaaa jokes.)

-Seeing a collison of worlds- host family and real family. Gaston the baby was hamming it up in front of my parents- he loves running around, laughing, and using anything as a makeshift hat.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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