Swan Lake sans Natalie Portman

Second row- not too shabby!

Thanks to my fantastique study abroad program, I got to attend the ballet in March! After class on a Tuesday night, I rushed off to Opéra Comedia for a showing of Swan Lake performed by a Russian dance troupe.

I had very cheap tickets. Nevertehless, the usher told me there were extra seats in the front if I wanted to move up… YES! Cue victory dance! The usher led me through the seats until we arrived in the second row. “Voilà!” she said. I sat waiting for the show to start, hardly believing my luck!

I felt just like the little 6 year old girl who was sitting to my left, staring adoringly at the beautiful costumes the ballerinas and ballerinos were wearing. I was so close that I could see the sweat on the performers! Ick. I could also see how INCREDIBLY skinny some of the ballerinas were- yikes. Somebody give those girls some hamburgers or something. Maybe some French cheese would do the trick.

The music washed over me and I was transported into the beautiful scenes with the black swan, the white swan, the prince, and the chorus of dancers. (Is chorus the right word? You know, the backup dancers who sway around while the leads take the spotlight.) Of course, I couldn’t help thinking about how the real ballet compares to the movie, The Black Swan!

All in all, a very cool experience. Only downside: the three (three!) couples sitting very close to me who decided to engage in too much PDA during the intermissions. (French PDA quickly becoming a theme of my semester, if you couldn’t tell.)



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