La Flèche d’Or

That’s “flesh of gold” for everyone who doesn’t speak French. Sounds like a horror movie or a creepy pawnshop, eh?

After having a mini-freak out over how little time we have left in Paris, Cara, Anna, and I decided to do some concert research and purchase a few concert tickets for the spring. We might have overwhelmed the guy working at the FNAC store, but after all was said and done we each had 3-4 tickets for concerts held at “La Flèche d’Or,” a concert venue in the 20th arrondissement.

“When I saw the gated exterior, clouds of smoke and grungy hipsters standing around out front, I felt that my choice of 2 euro, screw-top white wine was very appropriate for the evening.” – a lovely quote from Anna’s blog, une cuillère à café.

Here’s a peek of the two shows I attended. Performances by “The Rich Kids,” “Dog is Dead,” “Morning Parade,” and “Tall Ships,” and “Los Campesnios!” My favorite was definitely “Los Campesnios!”, a Welsh band that is probably the most well-known out of this bunch.

Going to two concerts was a welcome change from the usual walking around, eating, shopping, studying, and site-seeing. It was great to se lâcher, to let loose a little bit and dance to silly indie-rock music. I always want to dance when I’m listening to my iPod in the metro, but I never do since other French commuters would undoubtedly look at me like I have three heads. (I know, I know. It’s usually not socially acceptable to dance randomly in public in any country.)

Anyway, Anna, Cara, and I had a great time dancing during each set. (Cara missed out on the first concert actually, but she made up for lost time when she joined us for the second one!) While most of the older spectators stood on the periphery of the crowd, Anna, Cara, and I were amongst a group of hipster high schoolers right up front. No shame! We came with a mission to dance our socks off, and did so gleefully. The French spectators around us were happy to leave us plenty of space. Cultural difference altert: even at a rock concert, the majority of French people prefer standing and watching instead of dancing. Hmm! A very odd phenomenon, from an outsider’s perspective. My personal theory is that the French are too dignified to work up a sweat outside of a gym…! Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Vive la DANSE!

Dancing queens



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