May Musings

It’s already May… CUE FREAK OUT! Negative: I’m going to be stateside once again in less than one month. Positive: There are tons of random holidays in May in France, so lot of my classes have been canceled. Booyah. Also, the weather is FINALLY improving. Sunshine and warm temperatures make finals studying quite difficult.

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to since April vacation:

-Got my haircut. It’s super short, just in time for summer.

Un nouveau coup de cheveux- a new hair cut!

-Saw that new movie, The Avengers. (It was in English with French subtitles.) Sarah was very excited because were were sitting in the same row as somebody famous. I would have never known… but apparently we brushed by this guy as we sat down in the theater.

-Went to see Les Liasions Dangereuses, a play about manipulation and relationships. The movie Cruel Intentions is based off of this story. I followed about 90% of what was going on… but you don’t really need to speak French to know that things are getting weird when there are people without clothes on prancing around the stage…! Oh, France.

Les Liasions Dangereuses

– Visited Père Lachaise cemetery with Clément, Matt, and Cara. This was after Clément gave us a driving lesson (in French!) in his manual car. I haven’t driven a car in SO long! I had an edge on the other two Americans since I’ve had a few lessons in manual cars even if I’ve never driven on roads before.

Creamatorium at Père Lachaise Cimitière

-Went to a party the night after the presidential election whose theme was: Let’s NOT talk about the election.

-Celebrated Cara’s 21st birthday with a great brunch at “Breakfast in America”, a cute diner that’s well-known in expat circles for great pancakes, milkshakes, burgers, eggs, coffee, etc. It was fun to have a taste of home! The plan was to blindfold the birthday girl and lead her to brunch, but the blindfold had to come off when I accidentally led blind Cara up a hill in the opposite direction of the diner… whops. Anyone who knows me should not be surprised by my total lack of direction…! Birthday celebrations continued that night with apératifs, champagne, and birthday cake among friends!

Joyeux anniversaire!

To be continued…



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