A look ahead…

Things I’m looking forward to seeing/doing:

1. My fam!

2. My new dog!!!!!!!!!!

3. Talking new dog on walks!

4. Cooking and baking in my own kitchen, with measuring instruments I understand.

5. New summer job! Making money and feeling productive.

6. Running, biking, actually doing exercise for the sake of exercise.

7. Summer books.

8. Getting back into Words With Friends scrabble games.

9. Beaches!

10. Not having to French people complain about politics.

11. Legit breakfast. Pancakes and drip coffee.

12. Peanut butter.

13. Driving with the windows rolled down.

14. American pop music on the radio (American pop is on the radio here, but it’s a few months en retard)

15. My fam!



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