This past weekend I visited my dad’s cousin in Bayeux, a town in Normandy. Penny lives on a 500 year-old horse farm. Rustic living- only some of the rooms in her house are heated! She has over 50 cows, and she breeds horses and is constantly bringing them to shows.

I fell asleep on the two hour train but did see a bit of the French countryside as it whizzed by. Lots of green grass and open pastures.

The weekend was a funny mix of worlds colliding. I spoke in French and in English, since Penny’s husband does not speak English. Topics of conversation included my family, the horse industry, the recent election in France, the town of Bayeux, and more.

Unfortunately, it rained around 80% of the time while I was there. I did get a chance to walk around the town of Bayeux as well as Penny’s large property. I helped her pick up a mare that had just been inseminated by the vet. I also drove stick shift (the first time outside of a parking lot!)

Penny took me to a museum that displays the Bayeux Tapestry, a really large embroidered cloth that depicts the events associated with the Norman conquest of England. It is giant!

I loved taking a break from Paris and relaxing in the countryside. Penny has a really cute dog and cat, plus tons of friendly horses! I never really got the horse obsession that some little girls have, but after hearing all of Penny’s stories now I want to learn to ride! Hopefully someday…

I’m inserting a slideshow of some of the MANY horse pictures I took!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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