Dog days of summer…

It’s that time of year again… when the back-to-school TV commercials wiggle themselves in between summer car sales event ad spots and the like. I specifically remember one commercial (maybe it was for Target) that came out when I was in middle school. A mom rolled on a shopping cart through Target aisles, grabbing school supplies left and right and signing that popular Christmas tune, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” My mom used to torment me and my sister by trilling the lyrics to the song in July and August- when we wanted to keep the reminder of school as far from our minds as possible. Thanks a lot, Mom.

This year I couldn’t be more excited to go back to school. August might mark my last “back-to-school”.. EVER. Weird. Because I studied abroad last semester, I am especially excited to return to classes, friends, and activities.

Anyway, one week remains for my summer internship. Yikes! T-2 weeks until the start of school.

What I’ve been up to this summer: (Show and tell style, if I can round up some good pictures.)

Who let the dogs out??

Ran a K9-5K in Falmouth, MA. I convinced two college friends to run with me, and our only regret of the day was that we didn’t take our cameras on the run with us. The participants and their dogs were HILARIOUS. At the start line, a speaker blasted “Who Let the Dogs Out?” to signal the start of the race. I dodged leashes, flying drool, panting pups, and a few dogs that needed to take poop breaks on the side of the trail throughout the 5K. The temperature outside was a sweltering 89 degrees. Plus humidity. One poor St. Bernard had to receive medical attention from the veterinarians since he was so hot! They gave him an IV to stay hydrated, and also treated him to a cool sponge bath. I guess it’s not really “a dog’s life” if you are running around with a big fur coat in summer heat!

Enjoyed seeing family and eating delicious food at a Nantucket clambake, an annual tradition in my family. By some twist of fate, the stars aligned and every single cousin, aunt, and uncle was able to attend this year (the first time in the clambake’s 10ish year history.) Pulling off a clambake is no easy feat– I’ll try and summarize the intensive process. 1. Dig a large hole on the beach. 2. Fill hole with large rocks. 3. Throw wooden pallets onto rocks. 4. Burn pallets. 5. Put wet seaweed on top. 6. Place two wooden planks across the hole. 7. Make one brave soul crawl across the planks to put lobsters, corn (de-silked, with the husks still on,) mussels, clams, on the seaweed pile. 7. Wait. For approximately 1 hourish. 8. Take all the food out, by having same brave soul crawl on the planks. 8. Devour the food. Yum.

On top of the world! Mt. Monadnock in NH.

Climbed Mount Monadnock with some high school friends and my sister. The “white-dot” trail we took was harder than expected. Definitely not your average walk in the woods. I was scrambling over rocks on my hands and knees for about 80% of the time. Our hardy bunch made it to the summit and ate lunch while gazing at the beautiful view.

Attended two GREAT concerts. I highly recommend both Walk the Moon and The Head and the Heart! Also, Ben Sollee did a killer opening act on his cello.

Went to a Red Sox game with French friends who are visiting the States. They loved Fenway Park, but didn’t quite understand why there’s suck a big hype for baseball in this country.

Here’s to living up the last dog days of summer….