Rainy and auspicious beginnings


Boston -> London -> Paris, basically seven hrs plus one hr layover plus one hr flight plus taxi plus five flights of stairs to apartment


-Met a Brazilian computer science student studying in Dueseldorf (sp?) Germany and a Chinese-American Dartmouth student who is from Alaska and is studying in Toulouse. Super random. Fast friends on the plane = sitting down for beers (for them) and English breakfast tea (for me) in Heathrow airport at 8 AM (or like 2 AM Boston time) before our next flights. Even though they were total strangers, it was nice to have them with me as I navigated a second round of security and two crowded trolleys to get to my Heathrow terminal.

– Saw a girl I recognized at luggage claim… old high school classmate who is coincidentally doing the same program in Paris as me! Too weird. We were both excited to figure that out and see a friendly face in the baggage claim of all places.

-Got to my host family’s apartment and didn’t realize there was an elevator. So walked up 5 flights of winding stairs with a 45 lb suitcase and carry on. Whops. Host family is very nice! One and a half year old and a twelve year old who is a dead ringer for Justin Bieber’s European twin. It’s fun having an infant around because everyone babbles in French and there’s this goofy little/mini/adorable person laughing and getting into mischief.

– It was kind of rainy and cloudy but still SO EXCITING to finally be here and scope out my new home and neighborhood for the next 5 months.

– Monmartre is only a five minute walk away! The neighborhood is really bustling and there are a ton of little shops and streets that I need to explore.