I passed! (to be explained later!)

Look at that! Hamilton College mentioned on a metro map!! Too crazy so I had to snap a shot like the tourist I am. My program is located on rue de Chevereuse and today was the first day of orientation. Exciting to meet up with the other students (all are from Columbia and Barnard and are confused how I snuck my way in!) Learned about wifi and phones and other not-so-fun stuff. I think we get to go on excursions later in the week.

Here are some pictures of my host “brother”. He wouldn’t let me take a real picture of him so he would put a cloth in front of his face at the very last moment.

Doesn’t he look like this guy??

The babysitter (cousin of my host brother) had dinner with us and said she had a test for all of the visiting students who live with my host family. She asked me, “Est-ce que tu connais greeis aanatomy?” For a second I thought she had said something in French but then I realized she meant Grey’s Anatomy, the TV show! So of course I passed! 🙂