Paris to the Moon

Currently making my way through this book of essays on Paris written by a well-known New Yorker writer. It’s called “Paris to the Moon” and it’s written by Adam Gopnik.

1. Food. Nervous to stomach French cuisine including but not limited to: tons of butter, cream, pastries, duck, caviar, and other mysterious meats. Quack quack 😦

2. Politics: Nervous to be exposed as a dumb American who knows nothing about French OR American politics!!! But maybe I can prove myself by participating in a strike or something… les grèves!!

3. Fashion: Sad I will have to leave my beloved Bean Boots and Uggs stateside. I guess my American fashion sense (read: terrible fashion sense) can stand to learn a thing or two from Paris.

4. Fitness: Nervous I will gain 1,000,000 due to 1 (Food) and lack of gyms! Will not be able to pull of 3 (Fashion)  if I blow up like a big French balloon. I don’t think balloons can wear high heels or berets (I know, I know… nobody wears berets…)

Anyway, the book is a good read and is getting me excited (NEROUVSexcitedNERVOUS) for my impending trip! The author includes some great anecdotes about raising his son in Paris, as well as witty stories about daily life there.